Side Effects Of Cytomel

Cytomel is a synthetic thyroid hormone that is used to mimic the natural hormone in the body. The functions of these hormones are many; the most important of which is the production of energy in the body. Cytomel works in the mitochondria and aids in the formation of energy for the body. Taking Cytomel will mean that there will be an increased intake of nutrients in the mitochondria which will also lead to the increased rate of metabolism. When you have Cytomel every cell in your body will be working harder and faster and more energy will be produced in the body. This means that there will be an increased rate or metabolic activity and this is the main reason people take steroids in the first place. The demands for energy in your body will be higher and this means your body will burn off any source of energy inside to get it, and the first casualty is the fat in the muscles. There is a catch to this increase in energy; the fact that you have to provide your body with enough energy otherwise the body will eat away any muscles in your body for it to function and this will be negative since you will take a step back with regard to muscle development. Your mitochondria will use anything that is available to generate energy for your body so using Cytomel means too that you need to improve your dieting. You should never use Cytomel when you are dieting as this will lead to the loss of muscle especially when you are using it in large doses. Cytomel must be accompanied by good diet otherwise there will be negative change in the body of the user.

Increase in Energy Demand may lead to Loss of Muscle Mass

Cytomel has a negative effect when it comes to its increase of the levels of growth hormone. While this is an advantage in the sense that it helps in the burning of fat from the body and the increase in energy demands in the body, having a lot of this hormone will lead to less levels of nitrogen synthesis and the subsequent loss of muscle mass. This is ironical while it helps in the reduction of the fat from the muscles it also leads to the loss of good muscle, which is negative. This can lead to reduced energy levels and tiredness, even with no change in the diet of the users.

Effect on Thyroid Hormone

There is the other side effect that comes with the use of Cytomel; the reduction of the function of the thyroid hormone. This can be problematic to the health of the user and it usually affects many of its users when they cease using Cytomel. The effects of the cessation of the usage of Cytomel depends on how much of Cytomel was used and how the cessation was done. Users of Cytomel risk turning off their thyroid glands for a long time if they have been using Cytomel in large doses for a long time or if cessation was done instantly rather than careful weaning.

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